It is always exciting to be involved with Camp. Whether it is singing songs old and new, building new friendships, seeing old friends, or working at something, anything, to make Camp Big Canoe a place for as many people as possible to enjoy. For us, just being involved is a life-changing and life-affirming experience.

This excitement over the last 12 months is at an all-time high. Camp is growing and changing. More campers got to experience Camp in the summer of 2012 than have in long time. We were able to add Ontario Ministry of Education accreditation to our exceptional Outdoor Skills (Grade 10) and Leader-in-Training (Grade 11) programs. We have been the benefactors of generous donations to help send kids to camp that so richly deserve it and have seen the construction and maintenance of new and old buildings alike.

And now we have this – our newly redesigned website! This is probably our longest overdue change and one that has many involved at Camp both nervous and excited. We want to promote our Camp, one that maintains traditional, unit camping in a setting unspoiled by the trappings of modern life, but at the same time, make that experience as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. We want to move into a reality that uses technology to benefit humanity, but not become enslaved by it. We want a website that will allow us to do all that while Keeping The Spirit Alive Throughout the Year. It has been a delicate balance that we were proud to unveil just before Christmas with the launch of the redesigned website, and continues now with our first blog post from our newly minted blog, The Paddler.

With these exciting changes, The Spirit of Camp Big Canoe grows and changes. We believe these changes will benefit that Spirit and everyone involved in Camp – parents, campers, staff, donors, and  alumni alike. The website and this blog will hopefully bring our community closer together in the months we are apart, and strengthen the bonds built throughout the summer.

And this blog specifically will hopefully provide entertainment, information, and engage you in trying to make the most of your life through Camp, at Camp, and with Camp. And of course, we hope this dive into the world of technology connects camp with you, and you with camp. We are open to ideas, donations, and good old fashion elbow grease all in an attempt to Keep The Spirit Alive and ensure Camp brings out the best in everyone.

Camp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a not-for-profit overnight recreational camp for kids ages 6-16 in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada


ian McTavish · March 19, 2013 at 6:27 pm

Love the new look and my son can’t wait to go to camp this summer!

    Michael Phillips · July 13, 2015 at 6:18 am

    Ian – it has been almost 40 years from the time my sister and I had a couple memorable weeks at Camp Big Canoe….many fond memories!

    During the two weeks of July-76 – I went away with eight other campers on a 6 day canoe trip to Algonquin Park, but what I want to mention was canoeing on their private lake, where – at the far end, close to shore was a large flat top stone sticking out of the water.

    On the large flat stone was a big snapping turtle with large white painted letters CBC on its shell….this was where the snapper spent those hot summer days out of the water…..I remember at the time (July 1976) asking a counsellor about the friendly snapping turtles paint job, and he said the turtle was there when he first started at CBC.

    It would be interesting to know if previous campers remember the old CBC Snapper!

    Hope your son enjoys his time at CBC – I did!


    – and Thank you David for your images….

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