Last week we caught up with Bill, this week meet 2013’s Dynamic Duo.

Continuing Camp Big Canoe’s long history of fantastically talented Assistant Directors, we are proud to introduce you to Beth Armstrong and David Bell, 2013’s Assistant Directors and Dynamic Duo – also known as Bill’s Left AND Right hands. From Shakespeare to dealing with horses, these two can do it all…

In the dwindling summer sunlight of late August in 2002 a little 10 year old Beth was packaged up and sent, with a duffle bag larger than her body, to the magical place of Camp Big Canoe. Met with the risk of spiders in her sleeping bag, freezing cold waters, and a hill similar in height and slope to Everest (but not really), Beth was unperturbed; something about Camp Big Canoe had captured her heart and since that fateful year no one has been able to tear Beth away from her second home.

After spending September to May filling her head with Canadian Prime Ministers and fraternizing with Shakespeare, Atwood and Hardy at the University of Toronto, Beth has been lucky enough year after year to escape to Hart Lake and go on  journeys with her Big Canoe family. Although you might not guess it when she screams “Old Harem’s Goat” during campfire, when in the city Beth can be seen treading the boards and pursing her love of song. The day will come when Broadway calls to invite her to play Mary Poppins and Beth will be ready, carpet bag and all.

Beth’s favourite food group is the onion family and her second toe is much longer than her first, but she is ok with it. Beth will also gladly challenge (and firmly beat) anyone in a canoe-trip-pancake-making competition, no questions asked.

Beth & David

Growing up in the small, rural community of Toronto, Ontario, David longed to find a place to spend the summer where he could be free to do, well, just about anything imaginable. As it turned out, in the summer of 2000, Camp Big Canoe was that place, and he’s been spreading the spirit ever since. He has spent the last three summers battling the elements and seeking grand adventures as an Out Tripper and volunteer with the Outdoor Skills program. He is an avid roofball player, polar bear dipper, and Muffin Man acquaintance.

During those ‘other months’ of the year you can find David studying Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo. His hobbies include singing along to songs he doesn’t know the lyrics to, knowing obscure Harry Potter facts, and getting mail. David’s ideal sandwich is peanut butter and grape jelly on un-toasted, whole wheat bread with equal parts PB and J (a delicate but crucial balance). He is afraid of horses.

Camp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a not-for-profit overnight recreational camp for kids ages 6-16 in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

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John · April 17, 2013 at 7:23 pm

Horses? Goats I understand, but horses?

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