Our Chef Keith has been serving up delicious food at Camp Big Canoe for 18 years

Campers enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and an evening snack each day. Food safety is paramount as we balance nutrition with food that kids love – we do our best to cater to as many people’s tastes as we can. Meals are served family style where food is distributed to each table where a camper unit sits and eats together with their counsellors. There is always a bowl of fruit available to campers at every meal.


The first meal of the day is usually a hot one, and includes items like pancakes, waffles and breakfast sandwiches. There is always hot oatmeal available as well as cereal, milk and bread to complement the meal.


Campers refuel at lunch with sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and the likes, served with a side of vegetables. There is always hot soup with crackers and often a salad available at lunch.

For the last lunch of each session, units have a cookout at a campfire.


Dinner is usually a hot one, with spaghetti, chicken fingers and pizza being fan favourites along with sides like vegetables, rice and potatoes. There is often a salad at dinner, and we polish it all off with a small dessert.

The last dinner of each session is our Banquet where the kitchen staff works hard all day to create special meal and dessert to celebrate the wonderful memories we have made. This is served buffet style.

Evening Snack

Each night after evening program campers return to the Lodge for a quick evening snack to tide them over until the next day – followed by brushing their teeth, of course – and then off to bed.

Special Diets

There are vegetarian options at every meal. We do our best to accommodate for most special food expectations. Please ensure that you include your requirements in your health form – it is easier us to cater to your needs when we know well in advance.