A unique opportunity to stay at Camp Big Canoe with your family in 2021!

Looking for a beautiful, peaceful getaway with your family this summer? Do you have camper children who are missing camp? Are you an alumnus who would love to get back to Hart Lake? Here is your chance to spend some time at Camp Big Canoe! Enjoy our stunning Muskoka forest surroundings on our private lake – no other cottages, no motors.

We are renting out cabins (Aquarium, Turtle’s Nest and Cook’s Cabin), tent-lines (each tent-line has 3 wood platform, canvas tents for your family) and our very own Lucy campsite at the other end of the lake (for your own DIY camping experience!).

You can reserve your spot here starting at 6pm on Wednesday, June 2. Please only book for one rental period so that as many families can enjoy this opportunity as possible. Please limit your rental to your own family bubble: Camp Big Canoe is strictly following public health guidelines and policies are in place to ensure your family is able to relax comfortably and safely! All facilities will be sanitized between rental periods.

  • Cabins: A real-estate agent would call our cabins “rustic”! Arrive expecting simple yet comfortable 3-bedroom accommodation in the most stunning natural setting. Each cabin is equipped with a shower and washroom, sink, BBQ, mini-fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee maker and toaster, as well as plates, bowls, utensils and other kitchenware. Click here for photos and more information on cabins!
  • Tent-lines: A true taste of camping at Camp Big Canoe! Each tent-line has 3 wood platform, canvas tents exclusive to your family in your own campsite area with a fire pit. You will have access to your own private section of the “Elephants”, our main washroom and shower facilities. Click here for photos and more information on tent-lines!
  • Lucy Campsite: Bring your own tents and camping gear and walk or paddle from camp to the south end of Hart Lake for your own private and serene campground. Click here for photos and more information on Lucy Campsite!
  • Activities: Your family will have access to the waterfront (including canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, swimming, PFDs, paddles), the beach, our fledging round-the-lake trail and geocaching, among other activities. The waterfront will not always be supervised. Please be sure to bring other activities that your family enjoys, as if you were coming up to a cottage.
  • Staff-led Activities: Try your hand at some camp activities! We will have staff on hand to lead your family in some scheduled classic camp programs. All activities will follow public health guidelines.
  • Optional Catering: Hungry for some camp food? Don’t want to cook your meals during your stay? Let our Chef Keith whip up your meals! We will deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner to your accommodations. Make sure you bring any extra snacks you may want.
  • Fire Bans: Please be prepared for these! There is absolutely no daytime burning in Muskoka in the summer, and during dry periods there may be no campfires allowed at all – we will let you know if this is the case during your stay.
  • Mosquitos: We coexist with mosquitos and other biting flies in Muskoka! They can be especially prevalent earlier in the summer, depending on the year. Make sure to bring bug spray and/or bug shirts in case they are bad.
  • Weather: You’ll want to be outside when you can be. Check the weather before your stay and make sure you bring appropriate clothing, bedding and activities. Please stay indoors during inclement weather (thunderstorms, windstorms, etc.)
  • Dates: July 2 – September 2, 2021.
  • Rental Periods: Midweek (4 days, Monday – Thursday), Weekends (3 days, Friday – Sunday), Long Weekends (4 days, Canada Day and Civic Holiday weekends) and Short Midweek (3 days, Tuesday – Thursday following Civic Holiday). ALL ARRIVALS AFTER LUNCH (no earlier than 1pm) and ALL DEPARTURES AFTER LUNCH (no later than 6pm).
  • Rates:
(Weekends, Short Midweeks)
(Midweeks, Long Weekends)
Lucy Campsite$100+HST$150+HST
Catering (optional)$50+HST per person$75+HST per person

Subsidies may be available. Please contact admin@campbigcanoe.ca to inquire.