Information that will help YOU decide if Camp Big Canoe is the right fit.

Our Mission

To provide an environment that contributes to the physical, emotional and spiritual development of each camper;

To provide a supportive atmosphere where campers and staff learn personal life-skills and build meaningful relationships; For the full Mission Statement follow the link!

Summer Camp Staff Positions Available

Many of our positions do not require previous experience. If you are interested in working with children and youth, in a kitchen, or with your hands (maintenance/site), apply!

Assistant Director – Head Youth Development Leader
Assistant Director – Head Resource Leader
Business Administrative Director
Head Waterfront
Head Tripper
Outdoor Skills Coordinator
Leader in Training Coordinator
Waterfront Staff – Swim Beach
Waterfront Staff – Canoe / Kayak Beach
Assistant Tripper
Youth Development Leader (formerly counsellor)
Resource Leader – Arts & Crafts
Resource Leader – Rediscovery
Resource Leader – Music & Drama
Resource Leader – Low Ropes
Resource Leader – Sports & Games
Assistant Cook
Kitchen Assistants
Facilities Assistant

Application Process

Click on the APPLY button on the previous page and create an account.

Fill out all the required fields and sign.

Log out, then back in to upload your resume/cover letter and any current certifications you have.

Be aware of any positions that have an application deadline. If you miss the deadline, you will not be considered for that position.

Within 2 business days, you will be contacted about an interview.

Henos – Youth Development Leader

Interviews & Job Offer

The camp office will contact you about an interview.

Returning senior leadership positions will be interviewed over zoom.

New staff will participate in an in person group and 1:1 interview process (date TBD).

All applicants are expected to treat this process in a professional manner.

Prior to the interview, we will send you instructions, along with a couple of sample questions that you will be asked.

Relax. Take deep breaths. The interview process is pretty simple and generally takes 15-20 min. Sometimes we go longer because we are having a great discussion with you!

Your interview went well and we offer you a position. You will hear within 48 hours of the interview.

The reason I love Camp Big Canoe is because of the connections you can build here. I live in the United States and I travel a long time to get to camp, but it is totally worth it because I feel like I have a family here. Even though we come from far and wide, we come together because of camp and our connection runs even deeper due to our camp and it’s culture. Henos

After The Job Offer

We would like you to respond to the job offer within 7 days.

The paperwork begins! We will send you various paperwork that needs to be completed asap. This will include your contract, Expectations for Staff & Volunteers, Mission & Responsibilities, TD1 forms, for those under 18 you also receive a Release of Responsibility and Offence Declaration that your parents need to sign. A deadline will be set for the return of your paperwork.

You will receive information about our staff orientation and training dates, when you need to be at camp (position dependent), and opportunities for certifications.

Maddy – Waterfront Staff

My Favorite spot at camp would have to be Waterfront/ The Beach! This is my favourite place at Camp because it is always so peaceful and I always feel like I’m one with nature when I’m there, especially in the morning during polar bear when you can see all of the fog and it makes me feel so calm and it gives me a feeling that it’s going to be another awesome day !!! Maddy

What are the Benefits YOU Will Experience Working at Camp?

• Employers are looking for 10 soft skills that we use daily in camp life. They love having someone who isn’t afraid to adjust expectations or job roles, but can easily adapt in a quickly changing environment. Because you can’t predict what will happen with campers, weather or activity changes, Camp Big Canoe is the best place to learn to adapt quickly and with joy to ever changing circumstances.
• Room and board are included as part of your salary.
• We provide 3 meals /day + 1 snack prepared by Chef Keith who has been with the camp for over 18 years.
• Staff will be living in shared accommodations:
o Some will be in rustic cabins, sharing a room with 1-3 other people, a common living space, and bathroom with hot & cold running water
o Some will live in our canvas tents on platforms on the same tentline as the campers they are assigned to. These staff will be living with 1-3 other staff, and will use our main staff washroom facility which has flush toilets and hot & cold running water. * Staff are paid by EFT on the 15th and 30th of each month
• As you will see in the application, we allow staff a flexible schedule. If you are only able to work part of the summer or need a day off for a family/ school event we are able to accommodate those needs.
• Staff will have time off scheduled daily.
• Staff are not to have their phones on them, however are welcome to use them on their time off when away from campers.
• We have a full time camp Nurse on site at our Wellness Center who can help you navigate any medical issues that may come up.
• We are in the process of expanding our mental health supports that will be in place prior to camp starting in 2023.
• You will save most of what you earn as there is no pressure to go out to the movies or dinner with friends! We do that on site!
• You are welcome to discover/ indulge your creativity and passion for the environment, justice, education and phenomenal programming.


Outdoor Skills Leader 2022

Why I love working at Camp!

Personally, seeing campers experience an alternative mode of learning, and reaching their goals is my favourite part of working at camp. I strongly believe that everyone should go to camp at least once in their life because it opens up an individual’s mind to what they are truly capable of. It is such a unique feeling to watch a camper who previously struggled with an activity finally achieve their goal through grit and determination. It’s truly a humbling experience. Outside of camp, these kids seldom practice these kinds of skills, so when they finally start to approach something this abstract with a certain kind of comprehension, this beautiful sense of euphoria takes them over, and you can’t help but feel euphoric yourself because you were there helping them, and teaching them. 

It’s also just great work. It is non-stop all day. At any given point you are thinking about where you must be next, and how you are going to teach your campers effectively, and although you may think it is overwhelming at first, it is so rewarding. Every night you go to bed exhausted and fulfilled, and although you may complain about how difficult the work is, and how you have never done anything like it before; by the end of the session you feel like you just conquered a beast, and because of it, you are that much more capable of tackling issues that plague your post-camp life. 

From an individual perspective, Skills was fantastic in terms of self-actualization. Being suddenly responsible for the lives of 12 people aged 14-16 really pushes you to stay aware at all times of the day. 8-day is a ton of fun, but at the same time, when you are the leader, you need to be there for your campers in more ways than just ensuring their safety. You need to BE a Leader with a capital L, and there is no other better way to practice your own personal skills than jumping right into it. Running Skills is truly baptism by fire, but it’s a fire that everyone should jump into to light the soul, and to feel the heat. Accomplishment is the best part of working at camp. When it’s all over you yearn deeply for a return to such chaos, and you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of self-pride that you were somehow able to make it work despite the pure, untouched, wild-animal craziness. (Also it’s a ton of fun!). Brendo (the Big Dog) Clark

Training & Start Dates

Training will be provided both pre-camp and during camp. This will be provided using various mediums including on-line workshops, by e-training and in person. Dates will be added as new training is scheduled.