by  Sarah Horsley – Staff  1999-2006

Camp Big Canoe.

So many magical, creative, rich memories.



At camp, campers and staff created skits, songs, chants, games and activities from anything. All objects became props. Magical props.

To this day the creativity really, really sticks with me. There is a real ‘can do’ attitude at camp, this is what I took for granted during my years on staff, and really dawned on me again when I visited 4 summers ago. I credit Bill for this attitude…. and it trickles through to each of us at camp. And in a few short days the campers catch on. The culture of Camp Big Canoe, is ‘it can be done’ and it will be done if we work together and are creative.

Every day at camp, ideas are pitched and acted on, and others join in, with the attitudes that it can be accomplished- no matter the details that still need to be worked out. And before we knew it the plans took shape: and thoughtful, ridiculous, simple, elaborate, kind, adventurous and hilarious moments took place and continue to take place.

Ships built on special day, camp sites made on portages when thunder rolls in, songs, crafts, love, campfire, moments looking out at Hart Lake, costumes (so many wonderful costumes) sleeping ‘head-to-head’ with best friends in the tents, music, bed time routines, hugs and high-fives, spending days and nights in the beautiful forested tent lines. Now I am just rambling my memories…. I love Camp Big Canoe.

I am so thankful I went there, and I continue to be inspired and warmed by the memories. I think of my Camp Big Canoe friends every single day. Some I have lost touch with (for now) and a few I still chat with. I am so, so thankful for the campers and staff that I got to know through camp. I love the thought of my son going there as a camper, and I wish for him the love, magical feelings and creative inspiration that camp stirred in me.

With love, Sarah

Camp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a not-for-profit overnight recreational camp for kids ages 6-16 in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada


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