Land Activities


This program frames all we do as a camp. Beginning with Morning Watch and ending with Vespers, the Rediscovery program sets the tone and the theme for the session and each day. Throughout the session, units will visit Rediscovery to do just that, re-discover. Campers will discover the importance of our relationships with each other and our surroundings, while actively participating in creating the daily themes and activities to be used each morning and evening.

Sports & Games

From a game of volleyball on the beach to archery to roof ball, our Sports & Games program is designed for high energy activities that focus on teamwork, skill development, goal setting, and fun! Got a game you want to play? Let’s do it!

Low Ropes

Set amongst the trees, the Low Ropes program is our definitive team-building activity. Units are asked to set goals and figure out ways to achieve those goals as a group. Campers must use creativity, co-operation, and communication to discover the enriching effects of achieving what was not thought possible!

**Land-based Streams and Individual Interest activities can include Low Ropes, hiking, letter writing, dream walking, and so many more!**