Daily Schedule

Below is a peek at a typical day at Camp Big Canoe:


A friendly, creative wake-up provided by members of the staff to get everyone ready for the day ahead.

Polar Bear Swim/Voyageur/Morning Activity

Everyone heads down to the waterfront to enjoy a dip in the water, a quick paddle on the lake or a game on the beach.

Morning Watch

Gathering as a camp, the Rediscovery leader sets the day’s theme through activities, song, or stories. The Prayer of Four Directions is recited.


Daily Rotations

In their units, campers participate in the three periods of regular daily programs such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming, crafts, sports & games, music & drama, arts and low ropes.

Individual Interest Commercials

Just prior to lunch, campers are given a glimpse into the various I.I. activities on offer that day. Campers can sign up at lunch for their favourite activity.


Rest Hour

Campers return to their tentlines to clean-up, rest, and relax.

Individual Interest

Campers head off to the activity they signed up for.


Campers are given the opportunity to sign up for a “stream” at different times throughout the session. Streams last three or four consecutive days and allow campers to work on larger projects or earn certifications.

Free Time

Campers can take a dip, go for a canoe ride, work on their kayaking skills, head into the craft cabin to work on a craft of their choosing or join in the game taking place on the beach. This hour is theirs to choose – just make sure you tell your counsellor!


Community Duties

In their units, campers do their part to keep camp clean and safe for all.


A closing to the day’s theme through activities, songs, and skits; an opportunity for reflection on the day that passed and the days ahead.

Evening Program

A camp wide game, a camp fire, or Cheese House.


A little nutrition break to get some water and a small snack.

Bed Time/Senior Program

For our younger campers it is off to bed; for our older units, Skills, and LITs, it’s an opportunity to participate in planned programs designed specifically for them.

Bed Time

Sleep well friends, tomorrow is going to be awesome. Again.