The Paddler

Not surprising, Mom was right!

by John Dinner, Staff 1998-2001, Currently a member of the Board of Directors, Vice Chair For somewhere around 11 consecutive summers, my mom would inevitably ask me if I was interested in going to camp sometime in the summer. Not any one particular camp, just camp in general. She thought I'd love it, and would tell me brief stories about… read more →

Wind at our backs!

July Skills 2002 While on our pre-8 day canoe trip with skills counsellors Chris Tindal, Sarah Horsely & Bill Elgie we found ourselves dealing with strong winds while paddling one of the days. It was suggested that we tie all the canoes together side by side and create a sail out of tarps and paddles. We were lucky to have… read more →

Growing Up Big Canoe

by Laurie Tyndall Bell So we are asked to relay a story about Camp Big Canoe…..but which one, I asked myself??? The one about my very first summer at camp, July 1968, where I went fishing off the dock with the director Dave Patterson, to sleeping on the 2” thick mattresses, watching a river run through our tent while laughing… read more →

In fierce defence of camp…

Long time camper and former staff member Constance Dupuis recently had to come to terms with what camp is. Here's her story. #whatsyourstory #campbigcanoe #KeepingtheSpiritAlive In conversation with a close friend recently, she told me she had never been sent to over-night camp because her parents believed that sending kids to camp is what parents who don’t love their children… read more →

Discounts! Contests! Bring your friend and win your time with us for free!

We here at Camp Big Canoe really want you to be here this summer. And not only do we want you to enjoy your time with us, we want you to bring your friends AND we want to give you a chance to come here for free . We are offering all kinds of discounts to make your time with… read more →

Keeping the Spirit Alive! A Parent’s Story!

So far we've heard from two former campers and staff members who've shared their stories on their lasting memories and legacies of Camp Big Canoe. Not only have they been great reads, but they have inspired others to share - and not just other campers and staff members, but parent's too! Today's #whatsyourstory blog entry comes courtesy of the mother… read more →

Keeping the Spirit Alive! Dani’s Story

Daniela Gassi is a former Big Canoe staff member and current teacher and all-around amazing musician in Toronto. She is our second story in our #whatsyourstory blog posts. We absolutely love her story and we hope you do too!  Playing the song "Hurricane" at 4th Session Cheesehouse 2001, with Mitch, Alex, Flo, and Steve my first year of staff, will… read more →

Getting Ready for Camp

With only one Saturday to go until we kick off the camping season with Session One, we thought it wise to share some ideas about how to get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Camp is a big adjustment from daily life we experience in our schools and homes - for both parents and children. If your child is leaving… read more →

Camp Big Canoe wants You!

The Camp Big Canoe family is growing and we want you to be a part of it! CBC Summer Discounts 2013 Are you looking for a camp for your youngster? Hoping to find one that suits your budget but also provides the experiences you associate with "camp"? We believe Camp Big Canoe is just that place, and we are making… read more →

Contest, Savings, and Camp, oh my!

If you are like us, you may find yourself always managing to bring up Camp; its stories, its experiences, and its importance to you throughout the year in conversation after conversation. If so, you likely find yourself having to try and explain just what makes Camp Big Canoe so unique and so wonderful. And like us, you may find it difficult to… read more →

2013’s Dynamic Duo

Last week we caught up with Bill, this week meet 2013's Dynamic Duo. Continuing Camp Big Canoe's long history of fantastically talented Assistant Directors, we are proud to introduce you to Beth Armstrong and David Bell, 2013's Assistant Directors and Dynamic Duo - also known as Bill's Left AND Right hands. From Shakespeare to dealing with horses, these two can… read more →

What’s Bill to do?

We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to grow and learn with Bill Stevens, our passionate and purposeful Camp Director. Since 1998, Bill has provided the leadership to our staff and community helping us to develop what we believe to be THE finest residential camp program in Ontario and the country. Bill's passion and tireless efforts to mold and… read more →

The Heart & Vision Tradition

We are pleased to once again be a part of the 5th Annual Heart & Vision Awards Concert, a musical evening unlike any other in the calendar year. Taking place in the historical Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto, it is an evening to celebrate the achievements of the recipients and take in first class Canadian musical talent, all while having… read more →

The Spirit Grows and Changes

It is always exciting to be involved with Camp. Whether it is singing songs old and new, building new friendships, seeing old friends, or working at something, anything, to make Camp Big Canoe a place for as many people as possible to enjoy. For us, just being involved is a life-changing and life-affirming experience. This excitement over the last 12… read more →