No cottages, no motorboats, no one else… we have Hart Lake to ourselves!

This small yet beautiful lake sits at the center of our site, and draws all who visit to its shores. Taking full advantage, our water activities are swimming, canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, unimpeded by the summer crowds.


Swimming is an essential skill for life, ensuring safety whenever on or near water, but also to fully experience the enjoyment of gliding through fresh, clean water. All campers are given an initial swim test to determine each camper’s skill and comfort in the water. From there our lifeguards and swim instructors provide a program tailored to each unit and its individual campers so that they may improve in all areas of swimming. The Lake Swim becomes the goal of many – swimming to Turtle Rock (650 m) and/or back (1300 m) is a rewarding experience for many campers!


One of the best ways to experience nature, especially nature in Canada, is on a canoe trip. One of the best ways to share that experience with someone else, is on a canoe trip. With this in mind, canoeing becomes a central program activity for campers so that they feel confident and comfortable out on the water. Beginning with safety procedures including getting in and out of canoes and proper use of life jackets and paddles, campers are given lessons and play games on our lake that will prepare them for canoeing on the great lakes and rivers of Canada.


Like both canoeing and swimming, kayaking begins with safety protocol. As well, all campers must successfully complete a “wet exit” before taking the boats out into the water on their own. From first glance, the kayak is an individual activity, allowing campers to grow in skill and confidence at their own pace, but what they come to learn about is the effectiveness these boats have when working together. Quicker and more manoeuvrable than a canoe, campers are able to explore more of the lake while developing a sense of personal accomplishment that can only be gained through working as a group.

Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP)

The newest addition to our watercraft fleet, our SUPs have been a big hit! Great for exploring the lake, paddling with your unit or seeing just how much balance you actually have.