Every Friday at 8pm

A fun (and sometimes frustrating!) evening for parents, staff, alumni, older campers… and everyone!

Join us for our Trivia Night with Steve. While this is geared towards parents, alumni, staff and friends of Camp Big Canoe, everyone is more than welcome to attend. To encourage a spirit of friendly competition, we’ll post the weekly and cumulative scores as the season goes on! If you love our trivia night, consider supporting a great cause by donating to Camp Big Canoe.

Camp Big Canoe

Password to join is bigcanoe

Trivia Scores

Scroll down for Season 1 Final Scores!

Highest Single Episode Scores

1. 50801 (David B, Season 1, Episode 5)
2. 47426 (TnT, Season 2, Episode 1)
3. 46166 (C&C Triv Facty, Season 1, Episode 7)

Top Round Winners

T1. Snels (3)
T1. David B (3)
2. Lings (2)
T3. C&C Triv Facty (1)
T3. TnT (1)
T3. Phil n Shan (1)
T3. Thomas (1)

Cumulative Scores for Season 2

Position movement in top 20 players denoted by up or down triangles; season single round high score in red; single round winners highlighted green

Season 1 Final Scores: