We’ve been around since 1931… that is a lot of tradition!

Mealtime Songs

At Big Canoe, meals are more than just a time to fill up on delicious food! Click here for the lyrics to some of the songs that we sing in our Dining Hall at lunch and dinner time.

Breakfast is a special meal and we’ve got special songs to go with it! Check out the songs sung during breakfast here.


Camp Big Canoe has legendary campfires! Check out our Campfire Songs page to brush up on some of our favourite songs.

Camp ‘Lingo’

Every community has a certain ‘lingo’ it uses and Camp Big Canoe is no different! Here are some camp words or names and their meanings, to help you get ready for camp (no, there won’t be a test!):

Ahsin Nawayhee – a tentline where campers and staff live.
Aquarium – a cabin where program staff live.
ARC (Ahshunyoong Resource Centre) – the home of our Music & Drama program.
The Barn – the home of our out-tripping program.
Baby Elephants – outhouses located throughout camp, in case you can’t make it to the main washrooms.
Belvedere – Our newest overnight campsite on the west side of Hart Lake.
Bottom of the Hill – an area of camp where the waterfront, Craft cabin, Barn, Marn, Turtle’s Nest and Aquarium are located.
Cook’s Cabin – a cabin where program staff (but not always kitchen staff) live.
Crabin – Our Crafts Cabin, the home of our Crafts and Rediscovery programs.
El Bosque – a tentline where campers and staff live.
The Elephants – our main washrooms, located at the Top of the Hill.
Hartlet – a tentline where campers and staff live.
I.I.’s – Individual Interest, a program run daily where campers can sign up individually for activities.
Director’s Cabin/JJCP – the administrative and planning centre for the camp, as well as the living quarters for our Directing Team.
Labie – a cabin where the Head Chef lives.
Lodge – our dining hall.
Lost Lake – a lake once used for out-trips, now lost in legend.
Lucy – an on-property campsite located at the other end of Hart Lake where junior campers may go for an overnight out-trip.
The Marn/Bill’s Place – our maintenance and storage facility.
The Ly’in Den – our healthcare facility, where a Registered Nurse lives while camp is in session.
Sertao – a tentline where campers and staff live.
S-PROG – a program run in evening after snack for our senior campers, outdoor skills and leaders-in-training.
Streams – a program run daily where campers sign up for one program each week and have the opportunity to work on skill development and obtain certification levels.
Top of the Hill – an area of camp where the Lodge, playing field, ARC, Elephants, Nurse’s Cabin and Director’s Cabin are located.
TSTL – The Sky’s The Limit! On the last full day of each session, each unit gets one last opportunity to spend a morning together truly discovering The Sky is The Limit!
Turtle’s Nest/Steve’s Place – a cabin where our Director Steve lives.
Two Tents – a tentline where campers and staff live.
Wimwono – a tentline where campers and staff live.