You found it!

So you got a Camp-In-A-Box! Now what?? Below are some super fun activities you can do with the stuff you got in your camp box, and some other things you might have around your home. Even if you don’t have a Camp-In-A-Box, you can find some great camp activities to keep you in the camp spirit this summer!

We will be updating this page with more and more activities over the summer, so come back often.

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Did you make something cool with your Camp-In-A-Box stuff and want to share it with the Camp Big Canoe community? Email us a picture, or post and tag a photo of your summer projects using #BigCanoeShares and then use #crafts , #music , #games , etc. to let us know what you are sharing!


Popsicle Sticks



Friendship Bracelets


Glow Stick

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