The Spirit of Big Canoe has touched thousands of lives over the years and our family is ever-expanding. Whether you were a camper, staff member or visitor, we’d like to hear from you. Drop us a line and tell us about your camping memories at Big Canoe.

Here are some favourite sayings from past years at Big Canoe to get you started:

1998 “Spontaneous Good Times”
1999 “…And Dance Like Nobody is Watching”
2000 “The Sky’s The Limit”
2001 “Unless”
2002 “Giv’er”
2003 “Give Us Your Kids Then”
2004 “May Contain Traces of Nuts”
2005 “A Summer of Epic Proportions”
2006 “And Now It’s Time For Everyone’s favourite Part Of The…”
2007 “For Real Real Or For Play Play”
2008 “You Know What That Means”
2009 “You Want Camp? We’ll Give You Camp”
2010 “…And Most Of All I Will Not Grow Up”
2011 “Use Your Powers for Good”
2013 “Except with your entire Soul”
2014 “Odds are you’ll love it”
2015 “Always, always, always”
2018 “I Got No Brakes!”

Home is where the Hart is! We’d love to hear from you.



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