Welcome to Camp Everywhere! with Camp Big Canoe!

Camp Big Canoe staff are leading live and interactive camp activities for children! We are excited to reach out, share and socialize as we all go through this uncertain time together.

To join any rotation while it is in session, CLICK HERE ! You will need a password to enter, which is bigcanoe .

We will have rotations every week day at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 8pm; Saturdays at 11am and 1pm; every second Sunday will be campfire at 7pm!

Friday at 8pm will be a special rotation for PARENTS, STAFF and ALUMNI: All-Grow-ed Up Campers Trivia with Steve! (If you want to keep score, make sure you download Kahoot! for your device). Click here for the scores!

Here is our schedule of rotations:

CLICK HERE TO JOIN during rotations!

Password is bigcanoe

We can’t wait to see you!