With only one Saturday to go until we kick off the camping season with Session One, we thought it wise to share some ideas about how to get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

Camp is a big adjustment from daily life we experience in our schools and homes – for both parents and children. If your child is leaving home for the first time, there are several things you can do to help him or her have an easier adjustment to camp life:

  • Arrange with friends or relatives for your child to have the experience of going to bed away from home.
  • Prepare your child for independent living by allowing choice of clothing each day and being responsible for his/her own personal hygiene.
  • Problem solve with your child, i.e., “What if you don’t feel too well one day?”, “What if you lost your swim suit?”.
  • Role-play with your child; i.e. go for a walk in the park with a flashlight.
  • Practice letter writing. Not all children know how. Postcards are great for camp. Parents should send paper, envelopes and stamps.
  • Explain the camp’s telephone policy.
  • When talking or writing to your child assume they will enjoy it. Do not say, “I miss you”.
  • Assure them that they will have a good time at camp and that the family at home will be fine while they are away.
  • As a member of a small tent group, campers are expected to share housekeeping duties. Parents can impress campers with the values of these duties and the importance of taking a cheerful and willing attitude toward them.
  • If you have any doubts or concerns, talk to the camp director about them

Campers will soon make new friends and will get along just fine. Believe it and they will too.

Looking for what to bring to camp? It’s all here.

If it is requested(at least three weeks prior to his/her camping session), arrangements will be made to the best of our ability to accommodate unit arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: Tent units are made up by the Director or his designate. Campers will find out who their counsellors and tentmates are when they get to camp on the first day.

Camp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a not-for-profit overnight recreational camp for kids ages 6-16 in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada


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