There are all sorts of reasons to go to camp, especially Camp Big Canoe. Like much of the information out there, we present to you a top five list that we believe makes the camp experience unique – especially at Camp Big Canoe.

The following has been taken from numerous other lists over the years, and other lists surely can be found here. But to us the five are: an appreciation for nature, a growth in confidence, learning to play with others, gaining enthusiasm for new things, and developing leadership that allows Camp Big Canoe to stand out as a place that can achieve it all.

1. Appreciation for Nature – as the world of technology grows and the speed of life increases, Camp Big Canoe offers an opportunity for campers to disconnect from life at home and school, getting back to nature.

2. Greater Confidence – independence is a big reason to send a child to camp. Inter-dependence becomes a happy consequence of that experience as Camp Big Canoe fosters a spirit of community developed upon the respect and appreciation for the talents of everyone and all things. This increases a person’s self-worth and encourages them to work through challenges as participants in problem solving.

3. Play – both structured and unstructured play encourage a child’s imagination, but also ignites a curiousity to to try new things. Spending the day outdoors with others makes for great play AND allows us all to better learn how to play together.

4. Enthusiasm – at Camp Big Canoe, unit camping allows campers and their counsellors to work together to create a strong sense of community and understanding of one another. Within this community, campers become enthusiastic about new experiences such as new friends and new abilities.

5. Leadership – at every level of camp, campers are encouraged to build their problem solving and leadership skills by working with others. Campers learn the compromises that must be made for the good of the community and come to appreciate the importance of the common good.

Camp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a not-for-profit overnight recreational camp for kids ages 6-16 in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada


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