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With the conclusion of the 50 stories in 50 days to celebrate 50 years at Hart Lake, we have one more story to share. During this project we lost an integral member of our community, Randy Leamen - Mr. Canoehead himself. Mr. Canoehead was a force of nature and big reason why so many of the stories shared these past… read more →

A Quiet Refuge on the Lake

By Tim Howlett – former Camper and Staff (mid-1990s to early 2000s) My years at Camp Big Canoe as a camper and staff member have left me with many dear friends and treasured memories. Given how much the Big Canoe experience is based on the wondrous community of people, it is perhaps odd that the memory I’ve chosen to share… read more →

Powerful Beauty

by Lee-Anna Sangster - Camper in the late 80's into the 90's; Staff 1998-2001 I started as a camper in the late 80s and stayed with Camp Big Canoe as a camper, then skills, then CIT, then staff until my last summer in 2001. I grew up at camp. And as a city kid with working parents, I often went… read more →

Camp Big Canoe Can Do

by  Sarah Horsley - Staff  1999-2006 Camp Big Canoe. So many magical, creative, rich memories. Laughter. Creativity. At camp, campers and staff created skits, songs, chants, games and activities from anything. All objects became props. Magical props. To this day the creativity really, really sticks with me. There is a real 'can do' attitude at camp, this is what I… read more →

The Space Between

by Mitch Tucker - Former Camper & Staff Sometimes, the best parts of camp are the ‘in-between’ times. I’m talking about the conversations on the marathon walk to the store. The goofing around while lining up to peg in at swim beach. The rest hours spent with your tent mates playing cards and making each other laugh harder than you… read more →

Big Love

by Lindsay Tucker - Former Camper & Staff I write this as my two little ones are tucked into their beds, hoping one day they will sleep under the stars like I did. I think about how fortunate I was to spend a significant amount of my childhood summers - well, until I was 25 - at Camp Big Canoe.… read more →

Yellow Rubber Boots

by Scott Purvis - Volunteer 1998-?? In the summer of 1998 I got the call. Bill needed a favour. I owed Bill. He was the man who introduced me to my wife… He was the best man at our wedding… He was my mentor… So when Bill calls…you answer. Bill needed me to fill in for a session as a… read more →