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Bill Stevens, Camp Big Canoe Director

Bill Stevens is retiring!

It is with hearts full of love, yet tinged with sadness, that the Board of Directors of Camp Big Canoe announce the retirement of our Executive Director, Bill Stevens.

We could not be prouder to have been associated with such a fine individual and inspiring Camp Director for the last 20 summers. Bill’s retirement, set for the spring of 2018, will mark the conclusion of 21 years of service he has provided the Camp Big Canoe community. His retirement also marks some 40 years of involvement in camping, providing influential teaching to thousands of young adult staff members and campers through United Church of Canada Camps, the Ontario Camps Association, and the Easter Seals Society. The Board of Directors cannot say enough of the gratitude we have for Bill and what he has done for the staff and campers of Camp Big Canoe since 1998. As much as we are sad to see him go, it is a privilege to be able to celebrate such a wonderful steward of young people and a champion for outdoor education, practically and spiritually.

As we close this historic chapter, we are excited about the potential the future holds for our
camp. A strong group of volunteers continues to dedicate itself to ensuring the best possible
experience for all our campers and staff, and this year we will be aided by the legacy of Bill
Stevens. Along with his insights, the Board of Directors is actively seeking a full time Executive
Director to begin an exciting career serving the communities of Camp Big Canoe, the United
Church of Canada, and the Ontario Camps Association beginning in November 2017. We
consider ourselves to be leaders in providing an overnight camping experience that is
affordable, exciting, and authentic, built upon 86 years as camp, 50 years at our current location
on the magical Hart Lake, and 20 years of leadership from Bill Stevens. We firmly believe this
puts Camp Big Canoe on solid footing for the future, and has the Board of Directors feeling
excited for the chapters to come.

Thank you Bill.


The Board of Directors Camp Big Canoe

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